Slice is a Bengaluru-based Fintech startup offering credit solutions exclusively for young customers between the ages of 18 and 29.





A Fintech startup that claims to be different than banks has to have a strong design essence, identity and standout principles. The situation was as follows; outdated logo, brand is not standing out in the market, low integration between brand & its values and inconsistent voice & tone.

The ultimate goal of the project was to create a strong and recognisable visual brand identity and design a consistent and descriptive marketing website to let the potential customers download the product.


The entire UI library/system of the app and the website was revamped to reflect the new brand positioning of the company. Total installs has now reached 1M+ from 2L for the app.

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Brand Symbol

The logo is redesigned to a simpler, clear-cut shape. Flexible extension and usage of the brand symbol delivers slice's brandness.


The logo represents a circle which is sliced into a quadrant and arranged in a fashion to form the letter ‘P’ - short for ‘Payment’. The circle here indicates all of user’s expenses and the quadrant subtly hints that the amount can be sliced and paid in parts.


‘Your expenses can be sliced’ is the core idea of the logo.

Logo Exploration


Typography delivers the story of slice to the audience. Using the right typeface consistently makes the brand characteristics strong and reliable. Here, Rubik (a google font) is modified to become the Wordmark for the company due to its high readability trait and since it has a perfect balance between luxury and fun. 

The typeface is moulded to form the fonts slice light, slice regular and slice medium with its own customised ‘i’ and rupee symbol.

The letter ‘i’ is given its own slice at the top replacing the dot. This is to make the mention of the word ‘slice’ similar to the Wordmark; to make a strong brand connection.

Since Rubik is missing a rupee symbol and Slice is an Indian Fintech, the usage of rupee symbol is significantly high.Hence, a custom-made rupee symbol is also added.


The colours of slice follow Purple as the active colour (90%) and Orange as the accent colour (10%).

Slice Purple - luxurious, confident
Favourite colour of age group 20 - 30 yrs (TG) according to a study

Slice Orange - young, energetic
Purple and Orange are a complementary combo on the colour wheel

The Slice Card

Slice is a Fintech startup focused on India’s youngsters, most of whom are entirely new to the concept of credit. In order to elevate their sense of freedom and confidence, we decided to go with a card that is design focused, minimal and something that can ultimately become their status symbol.