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Dine-a-Might is a fictitious American fast food chain aiming to expand with multiple establishments across different cities and locations.



This is a story of 2 twin brothers who are now in their second lives. First - the life of military. They have seen it all - wars, action, deaths, hunger, and survival. Turn the page and now they are veterans who are out there chasing another chapter full of adrenaline and rush. No one wants to sit watching unfold a drama after an action-packed thriller.

3 years after their return, the first Dine-a-Might was established in 2001, as a mobile restaurant, with the tagline, "Eat like a king, breathe like a dragon". They started out as a competition to Mexican food chains but realized this doesn't excite them. Food powers us but it should also have us full, wanting for more and leave us with every sense activated. The rebirth of Dine-a-Might was inevitable and its new avatar is something most Americans want - day in, day out.



In its new avatar, "Light your senses on fire" is the motto that Dine-a-Might lives by. It refers to the restaurant's "comic styled battlefield" theme, as seen in their television advertisements. The fire and explosions are derived from the spicy burgers and the military background of the owners. Add to that the variety of food and the speed at which is it served and you get a live action movie every time you sit to eat.

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